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27 Jun

Mama Tea Back in Stock!

By Mum-in-Charge! Posted In MumStuff Stuff

 We are pleased to let you know that the full range of fabulous Mama Tea is now back in stock.  Newly designed and with 16 luscious tea bags in each box, they are priced at £3.95 each with FREE delivery!


Morning Mama Tea – a warm gingery tea that has been specifically blended to help ease morning (afternoon or evening) sickness.


Cool Mama Tea – is ideal for mum to be if you’re suffering from pregnancy heartburn.


Glowing Mama Tea – is a general pregnancy tea.  An earthy, all-round blend to enjoy whenever you want a little glow and pick-me-up.


Ready Mama Tea – contains traditional raspberry leaf and motherwort to stimulate the uterus and help with contractions.


New Mama Tea– contains three active galactagogues (a substance that increases milk supply) which help stimulate milk production and flow.

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