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28 May

Greyhound ‘Promotes’ Childrens’ Reading

By Mum-in-Charge! Posted In General News & Views

A Greyhound called Danny visited 10 Downing Street this week to raise awareness about the benefits of children reading to dogs. If you didn’t already know, we have our own resident gorgeous greyhound, Maisy, here at MumStuff! We’ve got a very big soft spot for retired racers!


The Retired Greyhound Trust reports launching his new book, ‘Danny goes to London’, Danny hopes children will be encouraged to pick it up and read to dogs like him. Danny is a Reading, Education and Assistance Dog (READ), and is sponsored by the Kennel Club’s Bark and Read Foundation to go into schools and listen to children read.


In his book, Danny documents his unique job. The book is a children’s story, telling the true-life tale of Danny’s journey. Dogs have long been known for their therapeutic value, but in recent years they have been credited in helping children learn to read. In the USA, READ has been using dogs to help children improve their literacy since 1999.


The Kennel Club has been at the forefront of bringing this initiative to children in the UK and last year created the Bark and Read Foundation which offers financial support to both READ and Pets As Therapy who also provide dogs to go into schools to help children to read.

Tony Nevett, owner of Danny and READ volunteer, explains about the book and Danny’s incredible journey: “Dogs are non-judgemental and do not criticise and so help to build self-esteem. To take part in the scheme, dogs have to be registered with a charity such as Pets as Therapy and assessed to make sure they are suitable to work with children. Danny has an amazing temperament and the children love him. We have been asked to schools around the country and I have had numerous teachers tell me how much of an improvement their children have made with the help of Danny.


“Literacy is still a problem in the UK and something that has to be tackled. ‘Danny Goes to London’ was written to give children a fun book to read and learn about Danny’s amazing journey.”


‘Danny Goes to London’ is available on Amazon for £6.29, for more information about the Bark and Read Foundation visit:

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