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24 Feb

TTC??? Fertility Products SALE…

By Mum-in-Charge! Posted In MumStuff Stuff

For a limited time, we have reduced the price of a number of our fertility products, so if you’re trying to conceive why not have a look?

Babystart – Ovulation Test (5 Dipstick Tests) The babystart Ovulation DipstickTest is used to check your ovulation cycle to help couples who are trying to conceive. SPECIAL PRICE WAS £5.95 NOW ONLY £4.95 WITH FREE DELIVERY!

Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Vaginal Lubricant (9 Pack)For use when trying to conceive, Pre-seed® is a fertility-friendly Intimate Moisturiser provides moisture inside, where you need it most, without harming sperm. SPECIAL PRICE WAS £11.95 NOW ONLY £9.95

Babystart – FertilMate Cooling Patch (Reduces Scrotal Temperature)The Babystart FertilMate Scrotum Cooling Patch is a specially designed hydrogel pad to provide a cooling effect which helps maintain an optimal temperature beneficial to spermatogenesis. SPECIAL PRICE WAS £42.95 NOW ONLY £39.95 WITH FREE DELIVERY.

Babystart – Pregnancy Test (2 Dipstick Test) The babystart dipstick pregnancy test is an easy to use test that provides results in as little as one minute. SPECIAL PRICE WAS £2.75 NOW ONLY £1.95 WITH FREE DELIVERY.

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