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Zita West's Comfort Down Under Cream does what it says on the bottle!!

Zita West - Comfort Down Under Cream 100ml


Zita West - Comfort Down Under Cream 100ml

Price: 16.95


"Zita West’s Natural Pregnancy Programme represents the future of childbirth", The Daily Mail

Nothing feels quite like this super soothing cream. It is invaluable for the days immediately after your delivery. It cools on contact and helps keep the perineum clean and fresh. The cream contains essential oils that are reputed to be antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Made from Zita's own blend of plant extracts, each ingredient is renowned for its invaluable natural properties. The cooling base of Aloe Vera is supplemented with soothing German Chamomile, antiseptic Tea Tree Oil and gentle Calendula. Its mix of essential oils of Lavender and Neroli are cleansing and restorative.

Comfort Down Under can be used as often as you like during the weeks after birth.

  heaven in a bottle  I used this after both my labours (both needing episiotomy). Not only does it smell gorgeous but it feels heavenly. I believe it helped me to heal quickly and without infection. I buy it for any expectant friends and have had loads of positive feedback.   (20/10/2009) suzanne Moran - north west

Zita West - Comfort Down Under Cream 100ml