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The Blokes 100 Top Tips for surviving Pregnancy

Price | 6.99

The Blokes 100 Top Tips for surviving Pregnancy. By the brilliant Jon Smith ,find out what you really "need to know"...forwarned is forarmed guys!!

Covered in the book:
* Taking the news Like a man!
* Keeping a Breast of Physical Changes!
* Sex (What happens now)
* Getting your Finances and lifestyle sorted
* The best ways to prepare for becomming a dad

* The latest guidelines on dealing with emergencies and first-aid procedures

Size: 12cm x 16 cm x 10cm
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 108 pp

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MumStuff - Dad to Be Fantastic Fathers Day gift box

Price | 48.95

MumStuff's, Dad to Be Fantastic fathers day gift box . Fully loaded with stuff that is going to educate and explain just what to do...and when to do it...

Beautifully packaged in our stunning black large gift box, we guarantee that this one is for you as much as him!


* MumStuff - Dad to Be Pint Mug - our bold and rather large monster mug that says it all!
* The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide - covering everything you may need to know at sometime !
* She's Pregnant, I'm Drinking for Two Badge - One for the boys at the bar!
* Baby Tips for Dads - here comes the preparation bit along with lots of fun.
* Your a dad plaque - a little momemto for a special time and for a special place

As mentioned above, all this comes beautifully packaged in our very own luxury gift box - this is not ordinary gift packaging this is a very special MumStuff gift packaging! A sumptuous black box, embossed with a silver MumStuff logo, measuring 280mm x 220mm x 110mm, cleverly closed with a hidden magnetic clasp. So beautiful you will want to keep it for your pregnancy keepsakes.

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Sweet Baby Feet Blue - Baby Shower Hanging cut outs

Price | 3.75

Fabulous Sweet Baby Feet Blue - Baby Shower Hanging cut outs !. Measuring approx. 91cm (36 inchs).These wonderfull dangaling twirls will add a higher dimension to you baby shower dispalay Find out more

Sweet Baby Feet Blue Foil Balloon

Price | 2.50

Fabulous large Sweet Baby Blue baby Sweet Baby Feet Blow up Foil Baloon (46cm) 18inch Make sure you have access to a small helium gas bottle to make this one float! Find out more