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My bump is so big I'm having a nightmare collecting my wee samples. Is there a device to make it easier?

We Collect (Female Urine Collection Device)

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We Collect (Female Urine Collection Device)

Price: 4.95

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MumStuff is pleased to be one of the first retailers to stock this innovative product.

Marketed with the slogan 'Did you wee on your hand this morning?', the 'We Collect' is a mum-to-be's lifesaver!

Having to collect urine samples is tricky enough when you're pregnant, but not getting the outside of the sample bottle wet is nearly impossible. This is where the 'We Collect' comes in, designed especially for pregnant women by a mum, it makes those regular trips to the midwife less fiddly and messy!

~ The 'We Collect' a plastic device with a long handle (approx. 30cm/ 12 inches) so you can collect a sample even if you are 2 weeks overdue.
~ It has a specially designed collection cup so you can move it easily in and out of the urine flow.
~ It has a spout so you can transfer your samples with no mess.
~ It is a product that you can wash and reuse, that will last your whole pregnancy.

Other Uses
Also suitable for women with diabetes or regular water infections.
An elderly person who would be unable to use a small sample pot would find using the 'We Collect' easy and clean.
Ideal for taking a urine sample from a child which can be a very messy task.
Finally, the 'We Collect' is also idea for collecting urine from your.... dog. Eliminating the run-around of chasing your dog across the garden armed with a bottle!

The We-collect is CE marked.

**As seen on TV - Recommended by Dr. Chris on ITV's 'This Morning'.**