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I'd like a gift for the new parents - both mum and dad. Do you have anything special?

The New Parents' Fun Book


The New Parents' Fun Book

Price: 7.99


'Laugh yourself silly through baby's first year!'

We love this perfect new parent gift!

From the creators of the bestselling "Safe Baby Handling Tips", this is a hilarious activity book for new parents. A ring-bound hardbacked book, filled with crossword puzzles, join-the-dots, mazes, quizzes, stickers and other fun diversions for new parents. It pokes gentle fun at the crazy, bumbling first few moths of parenthood - and will appeal to those looking for a hilarious alternative to the standard, sentimental baby gift. Sure to give any new mum or dad plenty of ways to pass the time during those 3am feedings!

The New Parents' Fun Book