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I'd like some useful, well illustrated and helpful books to help me through each trimester of my pregnancy ...

Pregnancy Books & Journals

Why choose one of our titles selected here?

When looking for suitable titles for this selection, we were bamboozled by the amount of books on pregnancy that were available. We found many unhelpful, old fashioned, poorly illustrated and downright boring! The titles we have chosen have been carefully, personally, selected as being helpful, clear, concise and jargon free. Most of these titles have excellent colour or photographic illustrations, are written by British authors and have been published in the last couple of years. We've also added a couple of more humorous titles as well! We enjoyed reading them and we hope you do too!
Your Pregnancy Companion  image

Your Pregnancy Companion

Price: 9.95

Your Pregnancy Companion is a compact book that will fit in your handbag. It is filled with up-to-date information, easy-to-follow text, tip boxes, charts and illustrations to make it quick to find answers to any pregnancy question.

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Your Pregnancy Day-By-Day (Slight Second) image

Your Pregnancy Day-By-Day (Slight Second)

Price: 9.95

This is the compact pregnancy companion that women have been waiting for! See how your baby develops on a daily basis plus essential advice on all aspects of pregnancy. One left - The cover has a very slight tear in it - hence reduced price.

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Watch Me... Grow! image

Watch Me Grow!

Price: 9.95

Wow, this book is amazing and we highly recommend it. Watch Me Grow is an unbelievable 3 dimensional peak at what is going on inside your womb with breathtaking images!

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Your Pregnancy - A Survival Guide image

Your Pregnancy - A Survival Guide

Price: 3.50

Hysterical pregnancy fun - packed with handy tips and hints to help you get through nine months with your sanity intact and as few stretch marks as possible (we wish...)!

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Anne Geddes - My Pregnancy Journal image

Anne Geddes - My Pregnancy Journal

Price: 12.95

A beautiful Anne Geddes Pregnancy Journal, with her typical beautiful photographs. This is perfect for mum-to-be to record her thoughts and feelings throughout pregnancy.

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Margarita Mama - Mocktails for Mum to Be! image

Margarita Mama - Mocktails for Mum to Be!

Price | 9.85

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to skip cocktails! Margarita Mama is full of delicious "mocktails" designed specifically for mums-to-be. Tasty drinks that are 100% alcohol free and also offer loads of nutritional benefits for both mum and baby. Perfect!

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WellStart DVD - Development Guide and Digital Conception, Pregnancy & Baby Journal  image

WellStart DVD - Development Guide and Digital Conception, Pregnancy & Baby Journal

Price | 16.95

Not quite a book, but the WellStart DVD is an essential development guide and digital baby journal for modern parents. It’s a unique software application for your PC or Mac that allows you to chart your pregnancy and beyond....

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