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I'd love to try and listen to my baby's heartbeat. Is there a a simple, cheap way to try?

Pinard Stethoscope

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Pinard Stethoscope



What a great quirky gift!

The Pinard Stethoscope is an 'old fashioned' ear trumpet used to listen to the baby's heartbeat as seen on many a period drama on television! Completely unobtrusive and harmless the Pinard stethoscope is a great way to hear baby's heartbeat, late on in pregnancy, without exposure to ultrasound. It's also massively cheaper than buying/ hiring a doppler, can be used frequently and has no batteries to run out and replace!

It also makes a great vase once you've finished with it!

We understand that there is an art to being able to use it, so it's probably best to get some advice from your midwife!

Available in Stainless Steel or beautifully polished and hand turned wood (approx 17.5cms).

  3 pinard   I have really enjoyed my pinard stethoscopes. I like them. Thank you.   (05/05/2013) Celia - Spain

  Pinard - a beautiful tool - but an art to use  I've always wanted to use a Pinard as to me it symbolises the bond between midwife, mother and baby. However, it takes a lot of practice to hear the foetal heart and would be impossible to use on oneself. What is lovely is to hear the ACTUAL heartbeat rather than an electronic doppler echo.   (03/03/2009) Debra Flynn - London

Pinard Stethoscope