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I have pregnancy chloasma (melasma) is there anything I can use to reduce it the effect?

Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream (Chloasma, Pregnancy Skin Discoloration )


Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream (Chloasma, Pregnancy Skin Discolouration ) 50ml

Price: 14.95


Perfecta mama is a protective face cream recommended and formulated especially for pregnant, postnatal and breastfeeding women.
Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream is made with advanced technology and carefully selected natural ingredients which guarantee a fast, evident effect and is total safe for the baby.

The cream contains folic acid, extract of Japanese Mandarin and SPF 15, which will protect your skin and minimize the risk of darkened pigmentation during the pregnancy (chloasma).

If discolouration already exists, Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream can even the skin tone and makes dark spots brighter and less visible. The oat milk, smoothes, nourishes and calms the skin irritation, while the glucose micro-fluid intensively moisturizes the skin.

Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream contains no colour additives and is ideal to wear under make-up.
Dermatologically and clinically tested.

This is a Polish product which is new to the UK, manufactured by the famous DAX cosmetics company.

  It works!  I have now ordered a second Perfecta Mama cream for my pregnant sister as the first one I bought is coming to an end. My sister lives in South Africa and has a history of skin darkened pigmentation - not helped by the (gorgeous) climate. She is delighted with this product and says it really works!!   (17/03/2011) Susan - Surrey

Perfecta Mama - Protective Cream (Chloasma, Pregnancy Skin Discolouration ) 50ml