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I've done it!
But, 'ouch', I am really sore. How can I recover quickly and enjoy my new baby?

In Our Post Labour Mum Department


Gifts The perfect gift range for the postpartum mummy - go, on make her day!

Recovery (Caesarean)

Recovery (Caesarean) Essential products for after a caesarean birth (c-section) - soothing relief and comfort.

Recovery (Natural Birth)

Recovery (Natural Birth) No-one tells you about the after effects of birth! Soothe away the postpartum soreness with our perineal range of bottom balms, sprays and organic toiletries.

Postnatal Shapewear

Postnatal Shapewear Postanatal shapewear can assist dramatically re-toning of tummies and waistlines after birth and also give support following a caesarean section.


Revitalising When you're feeling a bit low with baby blues and could do with a natural lift....

You’ve made it! Congratulations! Now everyone is fussing about the baby and poor old mum often gets forgotten. (We’d actually recommend that you stock up on a few essentials before the big day, just so you have everything ready!)

Recognising that you may have had either a natural or caesarean birth, we offer arrange of products to suit. For recovery following a caesarean we offer products to soothe post-operatively and also to aid recovery. We also have products to help minimise scarring. Following a natural birth, unfortunately you probably will have a sore bottom whether you’ve had a tear, stitches or not. We have a number of natural bottom sprays, balms and bath herbs to help alleviate any discomfort (and postnatal haemorrhoids) and also speed you recovery.

There are times after you’ve had the baby that you might feel a little low. It’s called the Baby Blues and many mums suffer with it. Give yourself a little natural lift… Or get someone else to by you postnatal gift to do that for you!