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What are my pain relief options if I want to give birth naturally? I'd like to try and hire a TENS machine...

Natural Pain Relief for Labour

If you planning for a natural birth, and hoping to manage with no medical pain relief, then this department is for you. We stock traditional and some slightly more unusual methods to ease labour pains. But don't forget you need to stock up in plenty of time, so you have the products ready for when you go into labour!
The Miracle Box - Prenatal, Labour & Postlabour Exercise Ball Package image

Miracle Box - Prenatal, Labour & Postlabour Exercise Ball

Price: 29.95

Exercise can be very helpful in coping with the postpartum period, it can help new mums keep the "baby blues" at bay, cope with postnatal depression, regain their energy and lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

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Miracle TENS Machine image

Miracle TENS

Price: 44.95

The Miracle TENS machine is stylish, effective, simple and versatile. It is the perfect TENS machine for drug free pain relief during labour and beyond...

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free delivery
Miracle TENS Hire Pack plus FREE DVD image

Miracle TENS - Hire Pack plus FREE CD

Price: 23.95

This pack allows you to pre-order a Miracle TENS machine which will be sent direct to you before your due date. This is a rental pack and once you receive it you can pre-order your machine at no extra cost.

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Calm Stars - Birthing Grips image

Calm Stars - Birthing Grips

Price | 9.95

Calm Stars help expectant mums in childbirth to focus on stress and pain reduction by providing them with comfort and distraction... naturally.

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