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I'm nervous about labour, what can I do to make it easier and help me through naturally?

In Our In Labour Mum Department


Gifts Ideal gifts from a birthing partner - make mum to be's day!

Birthing Pools

Birthing Pools High quality birthing pools for a beautiful home birth experience.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief Natural labour pain relief (great for use at home) with the microwaveable 'Hotspot'.

Relaxation & Massage

Relaxation & Massage Massage away labour pain with our massage oils, relaxing birth music cd's and calming products.


Revitalising More help through Labour, with our revitalising range!

It is worth being a little prepared for labour – we’ve been though it and speak from experience! Whether you’ve chosen a birthing pool for your home birth or you just want some natural pain relief we have it all in our Labour Mum section.

Relaxation and massaged is popular in Labour, so we offer a number of massage oils, relaxing birth music and calming products. Labour gifts make a thoughtful present (especially from a birthing partner) and we have plenty of gift kits in stock!