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I'd like to support a friend through labour would I be able to get a gift for this?

In Labour Gifts

It doesn't always occur to people to buy a gift to help mum to be through her labour, but it can be an extremely thoughtful and helpful gesture. She knows you're thinking of her and the products that you have given may well be ones that help her ease through her labour and delivery.
MumStuff - Pod Collection - All Set for Labour Kit image

MumStuff - Pod Collection - All Set for Labour Kit

Price: 7.95

MumStuff's exclusive 'pop in your handbag', All Set for Labour Kit is the perfect gift for the third trimester. Full of useful stuff if you're caught out early and a great Babyshower gift!

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Natalia - Labour & Birth Box: Total Preparation image

Natalia - Labour & Birth Box

Price: 29.95

Natalia's Labour & Birth Box supports contains everything for a positive birth including a helpful booklet with labour massage instructions. Perfect for either a home and hospital birth.

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Mum to Be -  Prepare for Delivery Cup Cozy  image

Mum to Be - Prepare for Delivery Cup Cozy

Price | 2.95

Designed for the Mum-to-Be, this 4" tall white neoprene cup cozy makes a great little gift to give in the labour room - perfect for holding that bottle of water and lightening the mood!!

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