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I need some pregnancy essentials, like a GBS testing kit and support tights. Do you have them all in one place?

Pregnancy Essentials, Bits & Bobs!

Our 'Essentials' page is full of products that you may find you need during your pregnancy. From 'mum to be on board' car signs to dopplers and holos this section is a real maternity mix! Please take a moment to check out our Group B Strep Testing Kit which we distribute for free. If you're not aware of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and its potential implications for a newborn, we have lots of information and guidance on GBS in our Reading Room.
Emma-Jane - Maternity Bra Extenders (4 Pack) image

Emma-Jane Maternity - Bra Extenders

Price: 2.85 WAS: 4.95

Emma-Jane Maternity Bra Extenders come in a handy pack of four (two colour/ two sizes). The bra extenders allow you to adjust your bra so that it grows with you. Please check they are the correct width for your bra!

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MumStuff - Mum-to-Be On Board or Bump On Board Car Safety Signs image

MumStuff - Mum-to-Be or Bump On Board Car Signs

Price: 1.95 WAS: 2.95

Exclusive to MumStuff, these re-usable static cling 'Mum-to-Be on Board' and 'Bump On Board' signs are a must for any car driving mum-to-be!

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We Collect (Female Urine Collection Device) image

We Collect (Female Urine Collection Device)

Price: 2.45 WAS: 4.95

Collecting a urine sample is tricky enough when you're not pregnant, but try with a huge belly... so the We Collect makes it easy! Also makes a fun but useful babyshower gift!

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Organised Mum - Pregnancy and Baby Stickers image

Organised Mum - Pregnancy & Baby Stickers

Price: 1.75 WAS: 2.95

These useful, fun little stickers make a helpful and bright addition to any calendar or diary. Never forget a midwife appointment again!

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Holo - The Maternity Lilo with a Hole image

Holo - The Maternity Lilo with a Hole

Price: 28.95 WAS: 39.95

Great big belly but desperate to relax, sleep or lounge in the sunshine?! Then the Holo is just for you! Use in any stage of pregnancy from the moment it becomes impossible to lie on your tummy, right up until the birth and beyond.

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Preparing for Pregnancy Double CD image

Preparing for Pregnancy

Price: 6.95 WAS: 15.95

Prepare your mind and body for conception with Janie Lee Grace and hypnotherapist Glen Harrold.

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WellStart DVD - Development Guide and Digital Conception, Pregnancy & Baby Journal  image

WellStart DVD - Development Guide, Pregnancy Journal

Price: 8.95 WAS: 16.95

The WellStart DVD is an essential development guide and digital baby journal for modern parents. It’s a unique software application for your PC or Mac that allows you to chart your pregnancy and beyond....

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