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There's more to breastfeeding than I thought! What can I do to make it easier?

In Our Breastfeeding Mum Department


Gifts Everything that a breastfeeding mum could ever need in one support kit, and don't forget our colourful, jingly nursing necklaces and booby reminders!

Discreet Breastfeeding

Discreet Breastfeeding We can help you breastfeed discreetly so you feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding away from home in public.


Essentials Support with your Breastfeeding basic essentials, from pads to natural deodorant.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief Don't suffer Breastfeeding pain - from Bosom Buddies to Nipple Balm we can ease the initial discomfort of breastfeeding.

Teas for Milk Supply

Teas for Milk Supply Did you know herbal tea can increase or reduce breast milk production? Try our organic milkmaid and no-more milk teas...

We know breastfeeding can be hard in the early days – we’ve been there! So we’ve put together a selection of products that aim to make feeding a little easier and less uncomfortable to start.

The centrepiece of this section is our Kensington Breastfeeding Chair, which is fast becoming one of the most popular feeding/ nursery chairs on the market. Ergonomically designed by Dr. Lynn Jones, the Kensington Breastfeeding Chair is perfect for comfortable and enjoyable feeding…. We know we’ve used it! So any questions, just ask – we’re the experts - we’ve been retailing the chair since 2005 and offer free fabric samples. We also accept NHS purchase orders.

We offer a number of products to help with the pain of mastitis and initial feeding discomfort – there is no need to suffer in silence! Sore and cracked nipples can be very painful. You may also be concerned about increasing your breast milk production or decreasing it when you want to stop breastfeeding. We have two organic herbal teas that can help in both cases.

Finally, we also have a selection of unusual, helpful breastfeeding gifts for the new mum. Why not treat yourself or get someone to buy you a feeding necklace or a booby reminder?