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You've found our exclusive, stunning Mexican bola pendant! An unusual & thoughtful gift, beautifully boxed

MumStuff - Mexican Bola Pendant - Round


MumStuff - Mexican Bola Pendant - Round

Price: 18.95


exclusive We have a small team of silversmiths in Mexico, who hand make our authentic round silver-plated Mexican Bola Pendant just for us. We think it makes a beautiful and thoughtful keepsake for mum to be.

Wear the bola pendant under your clothes next to your bump and from around 20 weeks old your baby will be able to hear the bola's gentle chime. As time goes by the chime will become familiar to your baby and may comfort, reassure and relax them in the womb. This understanding stays with the baby and once they are born the bola's chime can again be used to gently settle and soothe.

Based on our own experience of wearing bolas, we chose a black suede necklace for our bola pendant, rather than a cord, as we felt the soft suede was far more comfortable when worn next to the skin. It also looks more smart and stylish when worn on the outside after pregnancy! The black suede necklace is approx.122cm (48 inches) long, to accompany your growing pregnancy bump! We also added a sterling silver fastening clasp, rather than a knot, to complement the bola itself and ensure the bola doesn't get lost!

Each 20mm (approx) silver plated bola comes complete with a stylish complementary jewellery box (either black or navy), with a felt insert and a satin lined lid, which itself comes inside a smart white gift box. Printed inside the lid of the jewellery box is a helpful explanation about the Mexican Bola, so your mum to be knows exactly what it is! There is not much point opening a box and having no idea what is in inside! The MumStuff Mexican Bola is also available in a beautiful heart shape.

To have a closer look at our Mexican Bola pendant, have a look at our video:

  Comforting and Stylish Bola Necklace  Ppurchased the Bola necklace when i was 20 weeks pregnant, am now 36 weeks, have been wearing it everday. Don't know about baby yet, but sound very comforting to Mum, really helps me feel conected to the growing bump. It stylish too. Will be buying it for pregnant friends.   (21/07/2011) Oonagh - Dublin

  Lovely gift  Even nicer than the picture. Lovely quality and delightful sound. Looks much more expensive than it is.   (28/08/2010) Jenni Jones - Filey, North Yorkshire.

  Fantastic Gift Idea  I bought the round mexican bola charm for a friend who loves it and says baby wriggles around to the sound. It is a wonderful present if you like to give unusual but meaningful gifts. Now im also expecting ill be ordering one for myself!   (16/04/2010) katie - Northern Ireland

  Absolutely fantastic!  Very soothing! I bought as a present for a friend and felt in love with the sound! I am now toying with the idea to buy one for myself veven if I am not pregnant! : )   (13/08/2009) Micaela - Worthing

  What a great company  i exchanged emails a few times as i thought i'd ordered this item and it hadnt arrived. my emails were dealt with effectively and promptly. as it happened i had never completed the order! Once i did order i received it the next day. i saw someone else with one and loved it - so got one ...   (24/03/2009) Sarah -

  11 March 2009  Just purchased the mexican bola pendant for my daughter and can't wait to give it to her. I was very impressed by the quick delivery and service, thank you very much, I will be ordering other items thats for sure, thanks again.   (11/03/2009) liz - Derbyshire

    Bought it for my wife and we were amazed to see how the baby immediatelly reacted to the wonderfull chime of the bola. It really works! But as I was trying to get the lenght of the necklace right which isn't adjustable the lace broke away from the fastening clamp, so I had to knot it, no big deal... Nicola, Mum-in-Charge adds "The clasp should be easily reattached using a pair of pliers, as it can be removed to allow for alteration. In fact, the best thing to do if you want to alter the length of the necklace is to remove the clasp with pliers, cut the suede and with pliers carefully open the top of the clasp and reattach to the suede. Hopefully that should work!"   (23/10/2008) Paulo Seth -

  Absolutely Fabulous!  I pruchased the Bola as a gift for my best friend and I am thrilled with it. It is a beautiful, well made piece of jewellery and comes in a nice box. I love the idea of what it does and I think it is a perfect gift for any mum to be. I only wish I had found your site when I was expecting!   (18/08/2008) Rebekah Lyons -

  Amazing reaction from baby so far!  My sister sent me this Bola for my birthday and it is fab! I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby wriggles around as soon as she hears it, and this will hopefully soothe her once she is born too, also my 7 month old kitten is fascinated by it also!   (14/08/2008) Andrea Dakers -

MumStuff - Mexican Bola Pendant - Round