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Id love to lie on my tummy and get comfortable. It would be great to lie on a lilo and relax in a pool!

Holo - The Maternity Lilo with a Hole

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Holo - The Maternity Lilo with a Hole

Price: 39.95

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Are you desperate to lounge on a lilo? Want a comfy night's sleep? Lie down and relax for a massage? Then the Holo is just for you! The Holo throughout pregnancy - once you start feeling it is difficult to lie on your tummy, right up until the birth. One hole fits all!


On land - lie on your tummy to watch TV, read a book or just have forty winks! You can either use the Holo with both the head and body sections inflated or you can deflate the head part and use a pillow for more comfort.

On water - don't miss out on that gorgeous pool get on your Holo for lots of fun! Use with head and body sections inflated for a comfy, safe ride.

Help with Sleeping - if you find it difficult to sleep and just want to lie on your tummy again to get some rest, then the Holo is ideal. Professionals say there is no medical reason you should not lie face down while pregnant, it is just your belly stopping you! Many women use pillows and cushions to enable tummy sleeping so really this is a variation of that. If in any doubt, please ask your doctor or midwife before doing so.

Help you Relax - If you just want to watch TV, have a quick nap, read a book lying flat, then the Holo is the answer. Deflate the head section and you can use a pillow instead to make it even more enjoyable.

Physiotherapy - Don't stop your physio session or have it lying on your side just because you're pregnant. Take a Holo with you and lie on your tummy for your usual treatment.

Osteopathy - If you are in need of some treatment due to pregnancy or previous complaints, take a holo and lie on your tummy for the best position for treatment.

Massage - Treat yourself to a lovely pregnancy massage and lie on your tummy for it!

Sunbathing - You definitely need a Holo for holiday. Sunbathe on the beach or float around in the pool or sea, totally relaxed. Without one, is it really a holiday?

The Holo is also recommended by Health Professionals:

"We use it with nearly every pregnant patient now. As health care professionals, finding a comfortable position to treat pregnant women in, can be difficult. The Holo solves that problem easily. We can more effectively assess back pain and pelvic pain when they are on their fronts. We love it and recommend other clinics to give it a try."
Peter Mulvey, Director ProPhysiotherapy, MSc MMACP MCSP

The holo is provided with a draw string bag to store easily away and fit into your suitcase.

  Holo is great!!!  I brought one and I use it for almost everything and every day.. Love this!!!!   (23/04/2014) Savanna - OK

Holo - The Maternity Lilo with a Hole