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There's more to breastfeeding than I thought! What can I do to make it easier?

Feeding Shawls for Discreet Breastfeeding

If you're out and about and want to breastfeed you might like some of our feeding scarves, that allow you feed in privacy and with confidence.
Faye and Lou - Breastfeeding Butterfly Shawl image

Faye and Lou - Breastfeeding Butterfly Shawl

Price: 24.99

The Breastfeeding Butterfly is a reallly stylish breastfeeding cover which gives you complete privacy whilst feeding in public.

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MamaScarf image


Price: 17.95

A revolutionary new breastfeeding scarf that not only allows mums to breastfeed stylishly and discreetly, but also provides essential support without the need for a cushion.

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BelleBelly - 'A-line' Shaped Stretchy Belly Band image

BelleBelly - 'A-line' Shaped Stretchy Belly Band

Price | 15.00

If you are breastfeeding your baby, BelleBelly will cover your entire belly and back, right down to your hips. Whether you’re at home, or breastfeeding in public, BelleBelly will give you confidence that people can’t see anything!

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