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Red raspberry leaf tea is excellent to improve contractions in labour. This large loose leaf tea is great value.

Cotswold - Raspberry Leaf Tea 100g (Loose)


Cotswold - Raspberry Leaf Tea 100g (Loose)

Price: 2.55


Raspberry Leaf has healing and preventative properties which are said to tone the uterus, and improve contractions to facilitate childbirth. Raspberry leaf is also an astringent herb rich in vitamins and minerals important for pregnant women, among them vitamins C, E, A and B complex, and the minerals calcium, phosphorous, manganese, potassium and iron. (Source: Earth Mama Angel Baby).

All this loose tea contains is raspberry leaf - that is it!

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf

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  Would recommend  I took this in the late stages of my first pregnancy,I thought it tasted foul but honey made it drinkable & eventually I could drink it on its own - I am sure it worked during my labour, I was only in hospital for 3.5 hours, I will definitely drink again in this pregnancy.   (25/08/2009) Alison -