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Hi everyone.... We are almost done now with stocking the shelves. We are also working on a new website which we hope to launch in September. Please keep checking the site as we are listing lots of new products very soon. Dont forget to refresh the browser. ....... Samantha x

There's more to breastfeeding than I thought! What can I do to make it easier?

Breastfeeding Essentials

Some breastfeeding essentials to make your life a little bit more comfortable. For nipple pain relief products click here.
Avent -  Manual Breast Pump image

Avent - Manual Breast Pump

Price: 33.00

Simple, easy to use breast pump. To use when exclusively breastfeeding or using breast and bottle.

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Natracare - New Mother Natural Nursing Pads (25 Pads)  image

Natracare - New Mother Natural Nursing Pads (25 pads)

Price: 2.95

Natracare New Mother Nursing Pads are a cool, comfortable and breathable cushioned disc, with an extra soft cover next to the skin, to protect your clothes whilst you are breastfeeding.

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Natal Hypnotherapy - The Breastfeeding Companion CD image

Natal Hypnotherapy - The Breastfeeding Companion CD

Price: 11.95

Through deep relaxation, breathing exercises and practical advice this effective self-hypnosis audio CD increases your confidence and ability to breastfeed.

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Breastfeeding by Mums, for Mums DVD image

Breastfeeding by Mums, for Mums DVD

Price: 8.50

This is an extremely friendly DVD made by Mums, for Mums, explaining the benefits of skin to skin contact, a guide to positioning and attachment, and shows real Mums talking about getting breastfeeding support.

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Mamma Pads - Invisible Reusable Nursing Pads image

Mamma Pads - Invisible Reusable Nursing Pads

Price: 22.90

Mamma Pads are an extremely ingenious nursing pad that is non-absorbent, reusable, invisible, comfortable and cost-effective.

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Bamboo washable breast pads image

Bamboo Washable Breast Pads

Price: 10.95

Supersoft Bamboo Washable Breast pads are double layered with bamboo fleece for maximum comfort.
Slim and discreet with a laminate backing to prevent leeks.
Come with two seperate sizes.
Use the larger size for overnight,heavy milkflow or extra coverage.

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Emma-Jane - Bra Extenders  image

Emma-Jane - Bra Extenders

Price | 4.95

Emma-Jane Bra Extenders come in a pack of two and are ideal to support your changing bra size whilst breastfeeding.

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PitRok - Push-Up Crystal Deodorant 100g image

PitRok - Push-Up Crystal Deodorant 100g

Price | 5.95

If you're breastfeeding and concerned about chemicals in everyday deodorants, this PitRok Push-Up Crystal Deodorant is the natural choice for you!

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Zita West -Pregnancy Plan image

Zita West -Pregnancy Plan

Price | 10.95

No we've not out it in the wrong section! Zita West Pregnancy Plan is a newly formulated one-a-day multi-stage multivitamin for both pregnancy and breast-feeding.

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