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I want a water birth, so I'll need a pool and and all the accessories at a reasonable price with free delivery

Birth-Pool-in-a-Box - Eco Regular Birthing Pool

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Birth-Pool-in-a-Box - Eco Regular Plus Birthing Pool

Price: 129.95

Add Fast Hand Pump +10.00

Add Electric Inflate/ Deflate Plump +14.95

Add Basic Kit +22.95

Add Full Kit +54.95

Add MyAnchor +4.95

Free Delivery

Water is proven to make labours faster and easier. Birth-Pool-in-a-Box makes it possible for all women to use water for their births at home or hospital. The Regular Birthing Pool is perfect for mums-to-be up to 6' (182cm) tall!

This is the newest style Birthing Pool, packed with lots of new features. The new material in the Eco pool is free from latex, cadmium and lead and does not have additives that have been linked to harm in animals and people.

Features of the Birth-Pool-in-a-Box:

* The sides of Birth-Pool-in-a-Box are made of 3 independent tubular chambers stacked on top of each other. So in the unlikely case of a puncture (if the cat sinks his claws in!) only 1/3 of the wall height is lost.
* Comfortable and welcoming, if you're relaxed there is increased production of the hormone Oxytocin which helps to speed up labour.
* Double-reinforced handles on the outside of the pool for use when leaning on the side facing out. They are angled at 30 degrees for comfort and secure the disposable liner in place.
* With mum in mind and her need to keep herself hydrated during labour, a cup holder as been moulded into the side on the pool (and it's liner) so mum can sip away with little effort
* The Birth-Pool-in-a-Box is sturdy enough for birth partner and midwives to support from any position. Once the pool is filled, the sides are sturdy enough for a 15 stone (95.5kg) person to sit on the side without collapsing it.
* The Birth-Pool-in-a-Box is deep enough to give buoyancy without compromising midwife support. The minimum recommended depth of water to birth is 18" (45cm) Internal depth achievable in Pool in a box is 23" as the pool itself is 26" tall. After listened to feedback from customers, who said that since it is so easy to adjust the height of the pool, why not make it a little deeper? So in the Regular Plus, the walls are now 2" (5cm) higher and the floor is 1" (2.5cm) thicker, resulting in more flexibility and comfort.
* Every single pool is inflated and left for 8 hours before testing and packing. Then 5-10% are randomly tested by independent inspectors. That means structural integrity you can depend on.
* Fast to inflate and fill - Water filling time depends on your hot water system. It holds approx 4 bath tubs of water.
* 15 meter filling hose with tap connectors and round tap adaptor to make filling easier, which is great if you're in a rush!
* Inflatable floor to pool protecting your knees from getting sore!
* Comes with an internal seat (not available on the 'Eco Mini')
* Optional floating thermometer make checking water temp easy and floating pool cover helps prevent loss of heat while you are out of pool.

The pool can be emptied by any of the following methods:

Bucket - Approx 200 one gallon buckets
Siphon - filling hose can be used to siphon water into a lower drain

Regular Birth-Pool-in-a-Box Dimensions:

Suitable for ladies up to 6' Tall
Length -193cm, Width - 163cm, Height - 76cm, Floor depth - 7.5cm (continuous depth)

* Water capacity 80% full = 650 litres
* Internal depth 26" (66cm)
* Unfilled weight 6kg.

Birth-Pool-in-a-Box includes:
* Birth Pool
* Disposable liner

For size guidelines the lady shown in the image is 5ft 9in (175cm).

If you want to be prepared for every eventuality, why not add on our Full Birthing Pool Kit containing:
* 15 metre filling hose
* Multi-purpose and round tap adapters
* Digital thermometer
* Strainer
* Plastic slip resistant ground sheet (2x3 metres)
* Floor Mat
* Submersible emptying pump

Buy your additional bits now - it is cheaper than buying them separately!

PLEASE NOTE: This product will be sent by courier directly from our distributor within 2-3 days. Please DO NOT select the Special Delivery/ First Class option at the checkout as these items can not be shipped for next day delivery. Please note for non-mainland orders there maybe an additional shipping charge, please contact us before purchase. This product can not be shipped overseas.

  Brilliant  This birth pool is so fab. I used it for birthing my first child and wouldn't dream of not using it for #2. Husband found it easy to use too. padded base is best bit as I was on my knees for hours with no soreness or stiffness after. it's just brilliant!   (11/02/2010) Caitlin Dean - cornwall

    Excellent product for home births - easy to set up and clear away after.   (17/01/2010) Susan Baylis -

Birth-Pool-in-a-Box -  Eco Regular Plus Birthing Pool