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I'd like to play some games at my Baby Shower party, do you have a Game Book?

Baby Shower Game Book


Baby Shower Game Book

Price: 3.95


A great little help to get the party started! Our Baby Shower Game Book contains 10 fun games for up to 12 people.

Please note, that some of these games do need a little advance preparation and props!
Please also not that current stock is Green not the blue pictured


* The Big No-No - a game with safety pins...!
* Baby Faces - photos of the guests
* How Well do you Know the Mum-to-Be?
* Toilet Paper Diaper - you need some toilet paper for this one!
* The Memory Game - some baby items required
* Nursery Rhyme Riddles
* The Memory Game
* Pass the String
* Get the Picture
* Limerick/ Poem Writing Contest
* Baby bingo - included in the book!

Mum-in-Charge suggests...

As we've mentioned above, I would advise that you buy this book a little in advance of the party, just to give you time to collate together some of the necessary bits and bobs for some of the games. For example, in the 'Get the Picture' game, you need baby photos from all the guests, so this is something you can't really do on the night! But don't worry, there isn't anything complicated or expensive that needs to be bought.

Baby Shower Game Book