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I'd love my partner to hear our baby's heartbeat
and be reasurred all is ok. Do you sell dopplers?

Hi Bebe - BT200 Sound Fetal Doppler


Hi Bebe - BT-200 Sound Fetal Doppler

Price: 75.95

Add Ultrasound Gel (250ml) £2.50

Add a PC Recording Cable £2.95

Free Delivery

The BT200 Hi Bebe Sound Fetal Doppler allows you to listen to your baby's heartbeat without the need for a midwife.

It is becoming increasingly recognised by the medical profession that it can be beneficial for mum to be to use a foetal doppler at home in between visits to their GP or hospital. This is particularly the case where mums are anxious perhaps because they have previously had a difficult pregnancy or a miscarriage. It is also a great way for your partner to be involved especially if they are unable to attend your midwife appointments.

The BT200 Hi Bebe Sound Fetal Doppler is a small compact unit with the following features:

* You may be able to hear your baby from as early as 10 weeks.
* Protective Fetal Doppler carrying case
* Safe and easy to use
* Suitable for home and clinical use
* 2 x 1.5V (AA) batteries included
* Small Ultrasound gel included
* 2 year warranty
* CE 0470 mark

  i love it!  my doppler arrived today, and i used it straight away. it took me AGES, nearly 2 hours, but i suddenly found the baby's heart beat at 9 weeks 1 day. :)   (05/03/2009) -

  a fantastic machine that allows me to rest easy  ITs just one lees thing to worry about when i can listen to my child whenever i would like. my husband is deployed and i can record and send the baby sound to him   (05/12/2008) tiffany donath -

 Hi Bebe - BT-200 Sound Fetal Doppler